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This is a community for the Gundam Wing AU RPG. This is strictly for players and comments from watchers are NOT allowed. You are welcome to friend the community to watch the interaction between players outside of their personal journals.

Scenes will be played out in the following format:

Maxwell_D: Duo walks into the room and sees Heero sitting at his desk. "Hey."
Yuy_H: Heero looked up at Duo and smiled.

So it's third person narrative. This is to fill in the gaps between LJ posts. Enjoy.

Pairings: As in real life, relationships begin, relationships end, and college is a time when many students feel the need to experiment or to seek comfort or liasons with others for their own reasons. With the exception of a dedicated 1x2/2x1 pairing, the following relationships have been explored throughout the course of the AJU RPG: 3+D, 3xD, 3x4xD, 3x6, 3x6xD, 4x3, 4x9, 4+D, 4xD, 4+R, 5x3, 5x6, 6xD, 6x9, 9+4, 9+6, R+4, R+5.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a closed community. Membership is restricted to role players.

To monitor/friend the community: Click on the first button, the one with the plus sign. This will place the community in your friends list so that all updates (class schedules, bulletin board messages, etc.) will appear on your friends page. Joining the community will not enable players or other watchers to read your friends' only posts.

You may also friend any or all of the players and comment on their LJs. Please note that some of the interaction in this community will allude to or be a follow up to posts made on the characters' LJs. Depending on how active the characters are in their own LJs, some scenes may depend on knowledge of personal LJ posts, and vice versa. Many individual posts pertain to scenes that are posted in this community.

*Readers are welcome to follow only this community and not the players' LJs, but this RPG incorporates both and therefore references to personal LJ posts will often be made in the scenes themselves and characters' reactions to events posted in aju_scenes may only show up in their LJs. Personal LJ posts are public so it is not necessary to friend the players in order to read their LJ entries.*

If you are uncomfortable friending any or all of the players, their entries, the scenes, and the university bulletin board postings can be found by clicking here instead.

For those new to or unfamiliar with RPGs on LJ: Comments can be made to any individual's journal, except for those that are marked PRIVATE or FILTERED for only certain players. Other posts may be filtered from certain characters. This means that in the RP universe, everyone can comment except for those characters.

No comments may be made to posts on either aju_scenes or aj_university as they are for the players only. Monitoring both communities will fill in some of the blanks between personal LJ posts. Exceptions may be made when a "university wide" poll is posted to aj_university or when the moderator makes a post to aju_scenes that invites readers' comments.

Depending on the schedules of the players, sometimes a scene may take several days to be completed from start to finish. In these cases, the ideal situation is that they will be recreated (copy and pasted) so they will appear in friends lists for those monitoring this community.

On those occasions when the players, due to time constraints and scheduling, are unable to coordinate their schedules in a timely manner for the scene to be recreated, the scene, posted as a members-only (players only) post while in progress, will be made public and notification will be made via the aju_updates feed or the Yahoo AJU updates mailing list.

If you'd like to be notified of updates to this community that may not appear on your friends list immediately, and prefer not to join the mailing list, add aju_updates to your friends page.

The players apologize in advance if questions appear unanswered for an undue amount of time. It is everyone's hope that this happens only when part of a developing plot, but in some cases it may be the unfortunate side effect of other demands on the players' time or other plot points that must be resolved or introduced in the meantime. Since some stories will progress faster than others, we regret that sometimes this may interefere with your enjoyment of the game. Much of the story requires following the players and the scenes and failure to do so can and will leave gaping holes in the plot. We understand that this format is not for everybody and understand that some people may wish to stop following the story due to the unpredictability of when certain clues and hints are finally explained. If you've still decided to give us a chance, we thank you and hope that even if you don't find it's something you'd like to follow along in the future that there was at least something that made it worth the time you spent reading.

WARNING: Due to the nature of the role playing universe and the ages of the characters involved, some posts may involve adult themes including but not limited to: strong/coarse language, alcohol use, and graphic sexual situations. Both homosexual and heterosexual relationships will be portrayed throughout the course of the game.

You must be 18 years old to view the entries.

In honor of the first anniversary of the AJU RPG, a very talented artist named Toni Q agreed to accept a commission from the group.

Title: I Met Someone Last Night
Artist: toniq
Artist's Website: Toniq Weiss

AJU Art - Master List of Gifts and Commissioned Art

    Scene Specific Art
  1. I Met Someone Last Night by toniq_1 (November 2004 in timeline) Scene: Student Union
  2. War and Ping-Pong, art by miyun (February 2005 in timeline) Scene: Dorado Hall
  3. Long Travel Home, by miyun, commissioned by merith (March 2005 in timeline) Scene: Dorado Hall
  4. "So, how's your ass?" by miyun (August 2005 in timeline) Scene: Grand Canyon
  5. In the Pink (Halloween 2005), by miyun. Scene: Delphi, Student Union
  6. Bang, you're dead by miyun, commissioned by merith (December 2005 in timeline) Scene: Campus grounds
  7. Cooter and Berbil: Yippee Ki Yay, by natea21 (June 2005 in timeline) Personal LJ post: Heero
  8. Priceless, by toniq_1 (May 2006 in timeline) Personal LJ posts: Quatre with other references to his spring time hobby here and here, on Duo's LJ here and here, in aju_scenes here and here, and the moment when Quatre's revealed as the culprit in Heero's LJ here.

    Other Art
  1. Gift from gwy for AJU's One Year Anniversary - Heero
  2. Gift from gwy for AJU's One Year Anniversary - Duo
  3. Gift from miyun roughly estimated to take place during the summer of 2005) Snapshot pic - Duo (Representative scene: On the road)
  4. Gift from miyun - Kissing a Fish (September 2005 in timeframe) Scene: Delphi Hall
  5. Gift from merith, art by miyun - Cooter mood theme